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Diodes Pericom: A product line of Diodes Incorporated


Special Functions

Diodes Incorporated's Special Function ICs are products that fall outside of the usual power management and standard linear families.

These include devices such as '555 timers, current mirrors, RS-232 interface ICs, touch screen controllers and peripheral drivers.

  • The ZDS1009 current mirror has been developed for high side, current sense plus level translation applications.  More
  • RS-232 drivers and receivers are designed for motherboard and peripheral equipment application.  More
  • Diodes' touch screen controllers include low-cost high-resolution single-chip solutions.  More
  • Peripheral drivers are capable of driving a wide range of loads including solenoids, relays, DC motors, LED displays, filament lamp and high-power buffers.  More
  • Diodes offers highly integrated mixed-signal IC products for small home appliance applications.  More
    • Diodes offers a range of charger controllers that provide fast, reliable charge termination for both NiCd and NiMH battery applications.  More
    • Diodes’ DC Motor Controllers are highly integrated, mixed signal CMOS LSI chips designed for applications such as shaver, clipper, toothbrush, etc.  More
    • Diodes offers highly integrated mixed-signal IC for heating control applications such as hair curlers, straighteners, etc.  More
    • Diodes’ Passive Infrared (PIR) devices are designed specifically for use in automatic PIR control systems such as lamp control.  More
    • Diodes provides offers a broad portfolio of integrated circuits for remote control applications, such as toy cars.  More
    • Diodes' timer ICs are ideal for low cost, high volume applications such as home appliances, healthcare products, and industrial control systems, among others.  More