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Diodes Pericom: A product line of Diodes Incorporated


  • Automotive Audio Amplifiers  More
  • Automotive Comparators  More
  • Automotive Current Monitors  More
  • Automotive Latch Hall Sensors. Hall Effect Latch Sensors and Hall Effect Latch Switches.  More
  • Automotive LED Drivers  More
  • Automotive Linear Regulators  More
  • Automotive Low Dropout Regulators  More
  • Diodes Incorporated's line of automotive-compliant Omnipolar Hall Switches, which respond to the presence of a particular polarity of magnetic field.  More
  • Automotive Operational Amplifiers  More
  • Automotive Shunt References  More
  • Automotive Shunt Regulators  More
  • Hall Effect Sensors and Hall Effect Switches. Automotive Unipolar Sensors.  More
  • Automotive Bipolar Transistors  More
  • Automotive Fast and Ultra-Fast Rectifiers  More
  • Automotive Gate Driver Transistors  More
  • Automotive IntelliFETs  More
  • Automotive MOSFETs  More
  • Automotive SBR and SBRT Rectifiers  More
  • Automotive Schottky Diodes  More
  • Automotive Schottky Rectifiers  More
  • Automotive TVS Protection  More
  • Automotive Zener Diodes  More
  • Automotive Timing ICs  More
  • Automotive ReDrivers  More
  • Automotive Packet Switches  More
  • Automotive USB Charger  More
  • Automotive Crystals (XTAL) and Crystal Oscillators (XO)  More